The origin of the OTQ brand lies in its material genesis: cork. In the Sardinian language, it literally corresponds to the material itself: cork. The genesis of OTQ started here: a semantic journey which represents a production, manufacturing, and generational cycle. The tree sprouting from the soil; the tree that generates the cortex; the tree that preserves itself along the identity process of extraction.


The cork comes from the cork tree – Quercus suber – which is a vigorous body that may live up to 300 years, often resisting the fire of pyromaniacs. Sometimes it is besieged by the natural system, but it will not be cut down even by the multitude of the ravenous caterpillar – Limantria dispar – which devours its leaves entirely, staining the woods with ashes. We can say that the cork bends but it does not break.

The root

Cork is landscape, the outline of sunsets, it is lunar shadows, theatrical tree, creator of charming splendour and plays of colours. But it is also fauna that settles and flora that finds refuge. Cork has been Sardinia from its ancient origins, a native stump that dates back to approximately sixty million years old.


The process of extraction from the tree allows keeping the trunk alive, which is not affected by the separation and it is ready to produce again over the years, reinforced and reinvigorated in a continuous journey of resilience.

The sleep protector

Well-being comes from the soil

The cause of insomnia or bad sleep is very often due to the environment in which our sleep takes place. The presence of electrostatic and electromagnetic flows is one of the most common enemies for the quality of our rest. BISU, thanks to the properties of cork, removes the negative action of any exogenous force, donating quality and balance to the healthy sleep, giving back the positive energy of the earth and, above all, preserves the everyday harmony that generates life and longevity.

Bisu the first cork bed in the world

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