Culture Of Sleep

In the mosaic of our existence is an irreplaceable tile that generates our daily well-being: it is the quality of sleep. Sleeping well means feeling better about themselves and establish new harmony with the world we live. For these reasons, enhance the culture of sleep means taking care of a natural source of our prosperity.

Bisu improves sleep

Why sleep well

The quality and quantity of sleep affect our physical and mental health. A proper rest promotes the regeneration of the body, on the contrary, rest badly can alter the metabolism, reduce the immune system, exposing ourselves to troublesome imbalances.

The other side of the moon

Sleep is crucial for survival and the lack of it for a long time, in humans causes drowsiness, reduced quality of life, poor attention, concentration and memory, as well as metabolic effects, hormonal and immunological.

The sleep components

Sleeping in harmony surely represents a safe way to prevent stress, live better and longer. BISU is the most innovative solution: it is a bed with an engineered set of proportions, both from the functional and aesthetical point of view, in order to regulate the rest and heal the well-being of the body.

The night sleep consists of two phases:

non-REM sleep (NREM), divided into 3 phases

REM sleep (Rapid Eyes Movement) for a total amount of 4-6 cycles per night of 90-110 minutes.

Sleep needs

By age groups, also it includes the actual hours of REM sleep.


2 - 9 years old

10/12 h

2h and 30 of REM sleep


13 - 25 years old

8/10 h

2h of REM sleep


30 - 50 years old

6/7 h

2h of REM sleep


over 50 years

6 h

1h and 30 of REM sleep

In Bisu there is the essence of the OTQ brand: the quality of sleep becomes the quality of life. Therefore, sleeping on cork means losing yourself in the history of your land, places, memories, language, but also the sensorial and tactile features of the matter. It means sleeping better to live longer. Sleeping better to live kent annos.



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